The future of hotel management is already here and it is brought by Intelisis.


Have you ever wondered what you can do to comprehensively improve your hotel’s service?

Intelisis Vertical Hotelera is a tool that merges a PMS (Property Management System) ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), that is, a manager of business resources, which helps you manage the daily operation of your hotel safely with a modern specialized administration system, while at the same time providing the best service to your guests. How do we do it? Through three great functions:

  • 1. Specialized modules: Being a system created specifically for the needs of the hotel industry, Intelisis Vertical Hotelera is capable of adapting to the needs of your property with specific modules to make your operation more efficient. For example, the Reception module controls room reservations and availability, while the Audit module provides you with global reports on the different areas of your hotel.
  • 2. Act in accordance with the best industry practices: with Intelisis Vertical Hotelera you do not have to worry about being aware of the different regulatory frameworks, even in matters of privacy and information management. Enjoy a private system that fully complies with the best industry practices and improves your profitability in the process.
  • 3. A management that supports your guests: Intelisis Vertical Hotelera not only brings great benefits to all the collaborators of your company, but also it will also make a big difference in the final attention of your guests. The system allows them to check-in from their cell phone, interact with hotel services such as room service and generate payment and billing accounts, facilitating their stay.

Take control of your business with Intelisis Vertical Hotelera.

A robust and specialized system to automate all activities of your hotel, from operations and customer service to accounting and invoice stamping. Contact us to learn about the future of hotel management and schedule a demo

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